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Schedule for 1st half of 2020
(most recent changes in BOLD)

Updated January 31, 2020




Oval Race 1 1/5/20 Ballwin Speedway
Road Race 1 1/12/20 Ballwin International Raceway
Road Race 2 1/19/20 Webster Raceway
Plastic Race 1 1/26/20 West County Raceway
Oval Race 2 2/2/20 Ballwin Speedway
Road Race 3 2/9/20 Steve's
Plastic Race 2 2/16/20 West County Raceway
Road Race 4 2/23/20 SIS
Oval Race 3 3/1/20 Ballwin Speedway
Road Race 5 3/8/20 Phorlorn Motor Speedway
Road Race 6 3/15/20 Ballwin International Speedway
Oval Race 4 3/22/20 Pellett Raceway Park
Plastic Race 3 3/29/20 West County Raceway
Road Race 7 4/5/20 Webster Raceway
No Race 4/12/20 Easter
Plastic Race 4 4/19/20 West County Raceway
Road Race 8 4/26/20 Steve's
Oval Race 5 5/3/20 Ballwin Speedway
Plastic Race 5 5/10/20 West County Raceway
Road Race 9 5/17/20 Phorlorn Motor Speedway
Oval Race 6 5/24/20 Pellett Raceway Park
Road Race 10 5/31/20 SIS
Plastic Race 6 6/7/20 West County Raceway
Road Race 11 6/14/20 Webster Raceway
Oval Race 7 6/21/20 Ballwin Speedway
Road Race 12 6/28/20 Ballwin International Raceway
Plastic Race 7 7/5/20 West County Raceway


They will be:

  1. Road Race: 1/24 American Line Roadster & 1/32 WOMP Porsche
  2. Oval Course: 1/24 American Line Indy & 1/24 Hardbody Bomber
  3. IROC

Notes:  1: Tracks open at 6:30 p.m. for open practice, sign-up for racing to be completed by 7:30 p.m., tech inspection, concourse, racing beginning immediately thereafter

2.   All dates and locations are tentative.  In the event of poor weather conditions or other circumstances, racing may be postponed or location changed.  If you are not present the previous week, or have a question, please call to confirm location.

3.The IROC races will be with supplied cars.  The club has 4 identical cars.  The car will stay with the lane, only the driver will move.

Need details? Give Gil Field at 636-394-6651 or Vince Laurent at 636=861-2101

Don't have a car but want to check it out? PLEASE do!  Come and check out the tracks, the cars, the controllers, etc.  That is how I (Jim) got started. I showed up with NOTHING and was able to spend time on the track.  Now that I have a few cars and a spare controller I would LOVE to pass the experience on to some one new.  PLEASE visit! Call Gil or me [Jim] for information or directions!

Updated 12/20/2020